In 1976 the Lubavitcher Rebbe (CHABAD) spoke to a group of visiting Israeli athletes with disabilities.

He said: “… I do not approve of the term “handicapped” being used for anyone, which suggest some type of inferiority. On the contrary, we must emphasize that he is someone special and exceptional by the Creator, who endowed him with special powers above and beyond the capacity of an ordinary individual and this enables him to overcome the hardships and obstacles which an ordinary person cannot overcome.

“I would like to suggest that the name be changed from “handicapped,” to “exceptional.”

“And this change in name is not merely semantics, rather it describes the situation in the truest way. The very name highlights the real and outstanding qualities, which give them the ability to be a living example, to show joy and self-confidence, showing how every Jewish man and woman – regardless of their physical or bodily state – possess a soul which is “an actual part of God above.”

This site is meant to assist Jewish men and women with disabilities. The site is designed to help people meet other Jews for the purpose of dating, travel companions and friendship, as well  for parents or relatives of children with disabilities.”

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