ExceptionalJews.com is built on a WordPress (WP) platform. There are a number of WP plugins that we use to make this website as accessible as possible.

Alt tags

While not all Alt tags are filled with text, we have written and inserted descriptions for all of the images  in our slider and elsewhere in the site. Sometimes a plugin creates smaller versions or thumbnails of images that we use and in that case, we are unable to insert text into the Alt tags. Likewise, all of the photos of members are uploaded without Alt tags.

Skip links

The Skip links function has been enabled to assist users that employ screen readers. The Skip link goes to the website’s sitemap. Menu items that appear elsewhere as buttons, such as login and register have been added to the menu.


  • Site Language and text direction have been added as an HTML element.
  • The post title has been added to “read more” links.
  • The “target” attribute has been removed from all links.

Accessibility toolbar

An accessibility toolbar is located on every page. It enables:

  • Font size adjustment
  • Contrast toggle
  • Grayscale toggle

If you experience difficulty using this site, please use the contact form to let us know, and we will attempt to find a solution.