Twenty years ago, my wife and I met on a very simple, free, Jewish dating website. That website eventually  disappeared and was replaced with an abundance of sophisticated Jewish dating sites for many segments of the Jewish world. My wife and I decided to ensure there would always be a free alternative to subscription-based Jewish dating sites, so we started a free Jewish dating site and have maintained it ever since.

Over the past ten years, we have heard from many users; what they like, what they don’t like, and what they are looking for in a partner. One of the realities of online dating sites is that people quite often sell themselves in a virtual “meet market.” Without the ability to meet first in a real life situation, users have to express themselves by their descriptions and photos. Photos of men tend to show cars, boats and symbols of wealth and virility, while women’s photos tend to show their beauty and sexiness. Users sell themselves as a kind of “commodity” and with the short attention span people have when browsing profiles on the internet, some singles with disabilities may feel marginalized in the process. While the site welcomes all Jews, we decided to create a site to assist Jews with disabilities and Jews without disabilities are also welcome.

Our goal is to help create a useful resource and foster an online community. In order to help connect people, we maintain a resources page. If you are involved in a group, organization or Facebook page and would like to see it included, please use the Contact Us page and send us the details.

We have tried, as much as possible, to build the site to be as accessible as possible. You can read more about the features we are using on the accessibility page.

In addition to the regular website, you can access through a phone as our site is built using a responsive theme, or you can access the site with our free iOS or Android Apps. Follow the instructions on the App page to get your free App.

We hope that you enjoy using the site and as we are just starting it would like to receive feedback on ways to make it as accessible and useful as possible.